The Sports Bets and the bookie for you

Until recently, the owners of sites about big-time sports didn’t ask which way to monetize the obvious and most profitable way was to advertise bookmakers (although some non-avid webmasters were monetized by context, for example).

  • However, last year the government decided to fight offshore betting offices (all Russian online bookmakers turned out to be such), and soon the bookmaker began to block websites for advertising with BC. Linking bookmakers in social networks is also prohibited, YouTube is still there, but the punishing hand of Russian justice can reach there.
  • What now to do the owners of sports online resources? Return to penny earnings from the context? Not necessary. Sports and gambling traffic can be monetized in alternative ways. All internet marketing in 19 weeks.

What is the earnings model? Webmasters are invited to drain traffic to the service of paid forecasts for sports. The user who has come to the site is asked to register in order to get access to free forecasts, and then he already falls into the “sales funnel”, where he is inclined to buy higher-quality “premium” forecasts. The partner receives in return half of all funds spent by the active user. If you are interested in understanding How to be a bookie then it is perfect now.


How and how much can you earn?

It all depends on the amount of traffic and its focus. The sports prediction service gives the player the opportunity to make a better bet than the user could make on his own and earn money, and not lose them, as is usually the case in most cases.

A typical client is a man between the ages of 18 and 40 who is interested in one or more of the most popular sports: football, basketball, hockey, and tennis. He watches sports news, watches online broadcasts and video reviews of matches, is interested in their results and predictions.

Affiliate works, webmasters receive 50% of all purchases of their clients for life. The average earnings of webmasters regularly working with the program range from 200 to 500k per month. For clarity, consider a few practical cases.

The webmaster simply posted on his thematic blog subscriptions and forecasts widgets and continued to work on them as usual. He joined the affiliate program at the beginning of September 2016; initially a pass-through forecast widget and a registration widget were placed on pages with posts:

Webmasters statistics for September:

The idea is to collect event traffic, that is, traffic on requests of the type “[team, A] – [team B] forecast for the match [date]”. Webmaster generates (writes himself / third-party sources) pages with predictions for tomorrow / after-tomorrow matches and collects leads using widgets and landing pages provided by affiliate program.

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